Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Best Sellers

I joined Etsy a few months ago, and whilst I haven't put 100% into posting and getting involved in the community, it's very clear that my best selling product range over there is my "Mr and Mrs" wine glass charms. They've been to Australia and America so far which is quite exciting.

I only have the top set left for sale now, so I think I had better get creating with new designs for them.

Monday, 7 May 2012

A redesign

Poor old Aingeal Designs has been suffering under the pressures of the real life and the 9-5 job along with keeping up with the family and house. She doesn't deserve to keep suffering and have all her lovely sparkly beads and finding hiding in a cupboard, so the blog and website has taken on a redesign today (what do you think?)
To jump back into the fold as it were I have signed up for this summer's Craftfest which will be taking place in June. I have lots of new ideas and stock to buy and sort through to create some new pretty gift ideas.

Watch this space.